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Background: A lot of my BBQing experience is with a competition team. All of our pits are wood in we burn hickory down to the coals and then shovel the coals into the pits. Crazy but true Smiler

We usually buy our wood (Hickory only) by the trailer truck load...and are being told by our supplier that those days are numbered...for a variety of reasons. That alone is reason enough to start looking at smokers that use less fuel.

Anyone else here having issues with availability of wood? Any thoughts besides "buy a Cookshack"?

Haven't been here long, but it is clearly a great resouce...enjoying it immensely.
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Originally posted by WaywardSon:
Anyone else here having issues with availability of wood? Any thoughts besides "buy a Cookshack"?

Kentucky, as far as I know, has plentiful hardwood forests. You might try talking to a logging outfit or firewood vendor.
I use red oak for just about everything.
Not really a matter of taste, but rather availability. We have heated our home for over 35 years with nothing but wood. 6 full cords (18 face cords) per year. Mostly oak. So I just go out to my wood pile and grab a piece.
Anyway try the above mentioned sources or maybe even a local saw mill.
You are correct, we have plenty of hardwood in the area, as well as sawmills. The best source has always been the sawmills that were cutting for axe handle factories, as they use hickory exclusively. The bad news is that the ones that are still in business, do not expect to last much longer. Fiberglass is becoming the material of choice for tool handles.

Most of the local BBQ joints are buying from the same folks we are...and they are out of Missouri.
I can find good dry wood anywhere around here. In the woods we have plenty of variety. 3 species of maple, several species of oak, hickory, hackberry. Wild cherry, elderberry, mulberry, grapevines, pawpaw, walnut, pecan, sycamore, cottonwood. Lots of others. Use your imagination. It is all good as long as it hasn't been sprayed, or is poison, and of course, smells good !!!

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