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My boy and I just brought home 2 Canadian Geese last week from a hunt and one of them we made Teriyaki Goose Jerky, I used the Hawaiian Teryiaki recipe I posted somewhere in this forum..Dehydrated the breast strips..MAN!!! it is worth the wait..!!!
The other goose, I used SmoknOkie's Holiday Turkey Brine recipe (which I cannot find in the forums..)I am glad I had a hard copy. about sending it to me electroniclly. I smoked it whole.
3 hours at 225.(4 oz hickory)until breast meat was ~170 There is not a soul on the planet that wouldnt eat this meat(and not come back for seconds!) Not a hint of game..not even a little.
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It might have, although I know I got it from the CS site or a forum, I cant remember. I printed it from whatever site I was on at the time.
I will check the URL that should have printed with it when I get home.
I havent gotten a newsletter since I bought my smoker....go figure.

That brine formula is the best! My wife refuses to let me use any other brine or try to change yours. If I do, she wont even try the meat.

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