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Just got a 025 and have seasoned it. Now I am ready to smoke. I have followed the info on this forum and an going with the steps in butt 101. I just came from Costco with 2 shoulders in a bag slightly over 18 pounds and are boneless. I picked this bag due to the look of the meat and how the fat flowed through the meat. I'm a Novice so what do I know. Do I smoke them both and freeze what I don't eat...going to the beach with the family in ten days so if this turns out I will need some. How many servings do I get with this amount? Do I trim the fat on top? What else am I not thinking of? Don't want to mess this up as I got the teacher look (we have all seen them)when my wife learned of my new purchase. From Virgina and looking for advice....thanks
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Relax, relax, relax
First welcome to the cookshack club, second it would take an act of god to mess up a pork butt or shoulder. If you want cook one to see how you like it do it. It takes no time on your part, the smoker does the work. Put a little rub on it, a few ounces of wood, your thermometer and let her rip, it will be good. Big Grin Plenty of suggestions on rub and whatnot, ask or use the find in the top column under pork butts
This was my first PB and I'm a polack if anyone would screw it up it would of been me and it was fantastic.

Use the KISS(keep it simple stupid) approach, it has worked well for me!

Make sure smoker bottom and woodbox lid is lined in foil and hole punched in bottom. Rub the butt with all the ribrub it will hold. I will use a little chicken rub with mine.

Put 4-5 oz of wood in wood box, set on 235* and let er rip. I would allow a little over 2 hrs/lb. Check for doneness at 193-195*.

If finished early use cooler to let butt rest(FTC).

Now the secret, make some of Smokins' vinager finishing sauce and try a little when you eat your PB.

Good Luck and RELAX!
"Typically" you'll get 50% loss on weight for PB's.

That means 18 lb will cook down to 9.

I'd eat one this week and freeze the rest. So you'll have 4.5 lbs for next week. Reheat it (gently, don't cook it, you just want to reheat to 140 or so). Leave it whole (less moisture loss) and pull it after reheating.

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