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At the R Kansas City BBQ Comp last weekend they had a Iron Smoker contest. 2 ribeyes, a pepper, baby taters, mushrooms, a banana, strawberries, marshmellows and mini oreos and had to use all of the items.
The reason for the post is that we grilled the steaks, pepper, mushrooms wrapped in bacon, the taters, banana slices and some pineapple we had with us all in the FEPG and won the competition.
Just another testiment to how versatile the grill really is.
I know, no pics didn't happen but we were so busy trying to get it all done in time that we didn't even take a pic of our turn in boxes.
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Originally posted by papasmurph:
can I get idea of how you do the bananas.

It was my first try so may not be the best way, but just sliced the banana 1/2" thick, brushed with a glaze of brn sugar, spiced rum and siagon cinnamon and put them on the indirect side for 15 minutes at 375°. That glaze is great on pineapple by the way Smiler

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