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I grew up in Lincoln Nebraska in the 50's thru 80's and where prime rib was spelled Misty's.

Since that time I've traveled across this great country many times but I've yet to find or cook prime rib that will, compare (my memory CFR problems?)

I've cooked a few on various cookers but have NEVER EVER come close.

There was a restaurant in GI (in the 60's - 70's ) that was close but not quite there....

So my question is who knows what was - (is) going on at Misty's? Is it all about the selection of beef or what?

I miss my Misty's PR.............
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So are you looking for recipes or secrets' to how Misty's does theirs?

Have you googled them?
Have you called them?

Not sure if you're looking for help or just lamenting a by-gone restaurant?

Biggest problem you'll find is that beef back then was better than today (and certainly more marbled).
A little of both.

I Think Tom hit it right.
From the Misty web site:
"We proudly serve only Misty's Premium Angus Beef, the Midwest's finest prime rib. Chosen from the top 10% of cattle, our beef is aged for 21 days for maximum flavor & tenderness. Our prime rib is prepared using Misty's seasoning and slowly roasted to perfection in our special ovens."

I've ordered some of their seasoning but the MSG may be a clue with that...

I'm a follower of the 101 and originally Stuarts plan before my FEC.

Just recently I did a really BAD roast where thr meat texture was VERY DENSE and I'm thinking OLD critter..

Seems like it's time to really get into learning to judge meat quality and aging for ALL beef.

I know I've raised the judging issue before and there is a bunch of stuff to be found in the various threads, but Smokin you might think of adding a meat selection 101 to your TODO list...
Originally posted by NUPOC:
you could order a dry, aged prime rib from Lobel's in NY. But be prepared to empty your wallet.

Over $400 to be exact.

Somehow I think the beef in Nebraska would be just as good if not better.

For that price, I'd just buy it from Misty's restaurant.

But they do sell 9lb PRIME briskets for about $90 on line at Lobel's.
I have lived in Lincoln since 1970 and frequent Misty's once every month or two. I love great prime rib and have eaten at many top places across the country. I think Misty's ranks as some of the best prime rib I have ever had. We have always had top notch prime rib there.

The decor of the Havelock location is still the same as it was when I went there as a child. I have yet to go to the downtown location.

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