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I've had an Amerique for several years and have most always turned out excellent brisket. However today was the 2nd time that a brisket ended up terribly over-cooked using the probe to monitor.

I typically cook at 235 degrees with a target temperature of 187-190 depending on the cut of meat. Generally cook packers in the 12-14 pound range. Today's was a Select 13.5 lb.

First thought that something was amiss was cook time - usually run around 12 hours, but today was closer to 15 hours.

Is this just a probe placement issue or does anyone have insight into any other things to consider to improve consistency?
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For ribs, brisket & butt, I never rely on the probe temp. Once the temp gets near to where I think it should start getting tender, I'll start probing with either a skewer or more recently, I've been using my thermapen. I get an instant temp reading and it's thinner than a skewer. Once it starts sliding through with little resistance, it's done, no matter what the temp is.
I always try to insert the probe in the middle of the flat. This particular flat was fairly thin so I think maybe I was too close to the point end this time and didn't get an accurate reading on the flat.

It also occurs to me that this was one of the few times I've used a Select packer. My local Sam's Club usually carries Prime or Choice but I was at my lake place and bought a Select that the grocery store had. Have to wonder if the meat grade had anything to do with it also.

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