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I have been using the search function and reading about running the CS off of an inverter. Most of the info out there is on the FEC. It talks about there being a 3-4 second startup period where there is more electricty drawn to get the element working. Is that the case with the smokette also. I was going to buy a 600-750 watt inverter to run my smoker off of but I wanted to make sure that was big enough. I got a l000 watt generator (1200watt max pull) that I was going to hook to one of my deep cycle marine batteries and then the CS to that with the inverter. I think I will only get 1-2 hours of run time off of the battery itself. The generator has a run time of about 5 hours on a tank of gas. I figure that way I should have 6-8 hours of run time. (so I can get some sleep and not have to worry about it)

Do you think this set up will work or do I need a bigger inverter??
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FE's and CS's electric's are not the same.

In the FE after the igniter runs (3 min) the draw is next to minimal, that's why the battery/inverter option works.

In the CS's your heating element will be running pretty much full time.

I'd just run it off the generator direct, don't think batteries can hold the load long enough.

In some of those posts, someone posted the info about calculating the amount needed for the battery. I don't know the exact pull on the electrics, but I know the element draws power pretty constant.
Here's the way it would work. It ain't the best way to go unless you have a charger to work with.. solar or other.

008 draws about 500 watts. So if the heater is 500 watts and the battery 12 volts, you find that you'll be pulling about 40 amps when the heater is on. Since the inverter has some losses let's figure on 50 amps. Now you need the amp-hour rating of your batteries. For example, lets just say that each battery is 100 amp-hours. This means the battery can put out 1 amp for 100 hours or 10 amps for 10 hours etc. That means that with one battery you can run the smoker for about two hours. If you have two batteries, it would be four hours. Now that is total ON time. The "off" time doesn't count as little current is drawn. With larger batteries the longer they can run.

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