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At my house we are addicted to Lysander’s mesquite rub. We buy it at the fancy supermarket for about $5 for 3.8 Oz bag. I put it on split chicken breast and grill it on the gas grill. Weekday dinners are done within 30 min.

I would like to re-engineer this rub or make some sort of rub with mesquite flavor. As far as I know there is no spice called mesquite. So could I make a rub and then throw it in the smokette with mesquite wood? Then just store the rub in a jar and use the rub when I need it.

Lysander’s mesquite rub – ingredients reads – salt, sugar, onion, paprika, black pepper, natural mesquite powder and oil maltodextrin and other spices.


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Was that a dare Tom?

Now I have to try making it without buying mesquite spice.

My plan… Make my standard rib rub with a smoking step added. My standard rib rub is courtesy of meathead at
FYI – The guy helped me out (responded to all my e-mails) greatly last smoking season with my Weber kettle.

However, I plan add the white and brown sugar AFTER I smoke the ingredients. First I will mix all the spices (minus sugars). Place in a disposable foil pan. Smoke with 2 oz of mesquite chips for an hour at 225. Remove from smoker, let it cool, then add my two sugars.

Any comments would be appreciated or constructive criticism from anyone.

Most of us make things,because it is a creative outlet,to go along with the cooking part.

I used to spend days shopping for sauce ingredients,prepping,cooking down the product,tweaking it,and bottling to share with friends.

I enjoyed it and often got rave reviews.

One day an old cook,I respected,asked me when I was going to learn to cook the actual product,rather than spending more money to buy an ingredient for ,than I could buy wholesale.

Since then,I try to control my creative instincts,tweak others' products ,and get on with my cooking. Big Grin
If you're like me, if you have a prep item with 10 ingredients, it doesn't take much more time to make 50# than it would to make 5#. Think macaroni salad for instance.

So you just need to look at your break even point as to time/price. Assuming you use this rub twice a week, my guess is that, allowing $8 per hour for your prep time, you'll see a break even point where you start to save money at about 150-200# of rub. That's actually not to bad. just mix it up in big garbage bags, and then store in airtight containers. You may be able to use the containers your bulk spices shipped in too. And the best thing is you won't have to make rub again for a while.
Me, I wouldn't smoke it, I'd get the smoked mesquite powder as I'm sure they aren't smoking their stuff to get that taste. You did say you wanted to replicate it, go with the smoked mesquite.

Me, I can just smoke it with mesquite and then throw it on the grill to get that flavor also.

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