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I rubbed the butt and let it sit in the fridge all day. I foiled the Smokette and lubed the grate. I put 4 oz of the wood the nice people at Cookshack sent me. I set it at 225 and everything seems to be going well. The temp is climbing slowly in incremental degrees. The smoke is puffing out of the hole on top. I suspect I will have pefect que in the mid-morning, just in time to hold in the cooler before the gang gets here to watch football. Can this be? Where's all the stress and hassle and water? Surely I've done something wrong!
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Airboss, you should buy a second large charcoal/ wood fired smoker to have ignited and running out front of your home. Put some BBQ tools and bags of wood chips around it. Then, when your football gang arrives start blabbing about pulling an all-nighter cook effort, etc.

P.S. --- put the smokette out back out of sight.
8:30 eastern: Woke up to a temp reading of 175 & a most incredible aroma. Slept like a baby except when I was awake looking at the 008 doing...well...just what it's supposed to do. It's pretty boring really. I guess I'll go read the Sunday paper.

Beans will go in on a lower rack after a bit. Maybe I can get Mrs. Airboss to do the slaw. I'll tell her I was up all night tending the fire. Razzer
I know you're waiting for the post smoke review of our first effort on the new 008 so here goes.

Following the early morning delight of seeing everything had gone to plan overnight, the newspaper didn't come. Then, my daughter informed me she may be going to college instead of trade school. Following that the cat got out and ran down the street and... Oh. The que.

18 hours and 190 degrees later we have "PP" (pork perfection). Mrs. Airboss just finished pulling it as I sampled piece after mouth watering piece. Sammies tomorrow.

Bottom line: I don't remember getting such a big reward for doing so little. Everything went as advertised.

Thanks for the advise gathered here and thank you Cookshack!

Happy New Year!

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