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I have an 055 (245 deg at max) and have been trying to produce a "presentable" turkey for about 10 years. At that temp, I'm never going to be able to produce a crispy skin. Usually it black as night, split, and all over the place. I've tried the buttered cheesecloth, and also putting it in a 400 deg oven for a bit at the end. But usually by then, the skin has had it. This is all after the usual prep of brining and butter under the skin, etc.

What I am thinking of this year is to:

1) Put it in at maybe 200 deg for about 2 or 3 hours. This is going to get it started on the cook but not near finished. But it should be nicely 'smoked' in flavor.

2) Put it in the oven to finish. Hopefully the skin after (1) is still intact and no where near crisp or falling apart.

Anybody using one of the "lower temp" CS smokers have any better ideas?

BTW, the turkeys have always tasted good. Usually a 22 lb'r to serve about a dozen people.
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The skin color is probably the result of your wood or sugar from the brine. I would try using apple wood or something really light and try to get the sugar off your skin.

Remember what we have been taught here on the forums. After an internal temp of 140 the meat won't take on any more smoke. So perhaps use that guide. Maybe even go lower start temp to 180?

Practice and post results. Food luck to you!
I believe I used CC from the start... With toothpicks holding the skin. I saw an article in a mag yesterday which detailed brining and cooking a turkey in the oven.... But at the end of the article it said if you used a smoker, to smoke at 225 for 2 or three hours until ITemp is 140 and then finish in the oven. That's exactly what I had planned to do. Might rub the skin with EVO first.

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