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Give us the recipe.

The 145 isn't wrong necessarily. Pork is safe at that temp.

That's also why it was cold smoked, to "cure" it.

tell us what you're doing. Considering there are 1,000's of sausage recipes and many many processes, we need to know more about what it told you to do.
I've smoked Italian Sausage a few times with great results. Throw them in the smoker at 210* and smoke them to an internal temperature of 155-160*. No low start (although I've done them at 180* for an hr. then kicked them up), no ice bath. They turn out with a delicious, smokey flavor. Give them a short rest out of the fridge to bring them closer to room temp before throwing them in the smoker. Simple approach, decent results.

That said, I'm always ready to try something different or better. Next time I'll give the above technique a shot.
Originally posted by hinnen:
All I want to do is get a good way to smoke something like Johnsonville pork Italian sausage.Time, Temps,wood etc.

See, that's why we asked. You're talking about an already complete sausage, not a new sausage you're making yourself.

Just smoke them at a low temp, say 180, until the internal temp hits 150 to 160 and you'll be fine

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