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I'll be there. Helping however I can and pellet-pushing on Saturday. I feel really honored that Jack Daniel's has invited BBQr's Delight to be there since 1999.

Craig, you won't have to look to hard for a good time! It's always been my favorite event...maybe someday I'll be honored to cook in it.
Well I had to good of a time last year. John was not watching after me. I have not seen Jack since. I will look for you Russ. I know you might be in the pen. Tom will be there is pretends like he is not going but he will be there. Email me I would like you to bring some things with you.


Here's some personal recommendations:

Best BBQ Chain Restaurant - Sticky Fingers downtown and at Hamilton Place Mall. Very Good Ribs. Also at the mall area - Smokey Bones and Famous Daves.

Some Good Ma/Pa BBQ Joints - Two Pigs BBQ located on Hwy. 58 north above Harrison.

Pizza - Lupi's - downtown and Hixson. Hands down best pizza in town.

The best eatin' in town, of course, my house.
Best BBQ In Town!

Let me know if you need more recommendations.

Yeah Russ Fun. I'm here for the party..... I have somethings lined up for us there. Maybe alittle behind the scenes.

Thanks C'Nooga I have to hit Stickyfingers I love the dry ribs and wings. We go to the one downtown but am looking for a good southern cooked meal. Someone said Wally's. I will be there all week so not a problem. When are you headed up there? I might need a ride. I have to drop the kids off in Trenton.


Country Meal Recommendations:

Bea's Restaurant - 4500 Dodds Avenue

My Favorite (closer to home, north of the city)
Country Side Cafe - Corner of Mahan Gap Roads and Ooltewah-Georgetown Road. Covered up with Blue Hairs- so that ought to tell you something - Good Eats Cheap! lol.

Do you or Smokin' know a website that provides the details on the Jack? We're first time visitors and I'd like to know when you can taste the comp cookers goods and all the other stuff happening?

Here are a couple of sites,to get you started.

There will probably be some non competing teams there vending.

Remember the few town places to eat will be packed and it is a dry county.

Thurs & Friday will be good days to talk to teams and look at equipment.

Friday night and Sat,up through early afternoon are very busy for the teams.

If you can get hooked up with Craig,Ribdog,or Smokin'you might get a little closer to some of the teams and their food,Sat afternoon.
Lynchburg Events

Jack Daniels
Russ, Tom, Craig,

I'd enjoy meeting you guys at this week's Jack Daniels. I believe we'll be out there on Friday instead of Saturday so that we may look around and enjoy.

If you're interesting in meeting, give me an email at I'll reply with cell phone # so that possibly we could get together and meet.

Wade aka C'Nooga
I was afraid someone might pick this one.

someone spoke about the "Three Wise Monkeys" who depicted the See No Evil, Speak No Evil, and Hear No Evil. But I have a statue from Africa with a fourth monkey on it, and this monkey is covering its crotch with both hands. I have never seen this before and was curious about the meaning of the 4th monkey. See, speak, hear, and do no evil possibly?

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