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To see a list of winners, go to Can anyone fill us in on who was cooking on Fast Eddy's? The rib winner, I Smell Smoke, from Salem MA, used an FEC100, but I don't know about any of the others.

Does anyone have any idea how many of the 60 teams were using FEC's?

Last year's overall grand champion, Mad Cow BBQ, is from England, and cooked on an FEC. Brits, Yankees from Massachusetts -- cooking on pellet cookers ... this must have the pundits reeling. Big Grin
Sure Craig, Sure....

I didn't say anything about what happened in Lynchburg...just published the photo.

Lemonade? Yes that's what you TOLD me was in it.

It wasn't your fault, I made you pose for the pictures. Now it can't be blackmail, the picture is now published.

We behaved. Can't say that for the Kiwi's there, but we behaved.

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