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For those of you who don't who Jane and Steve Tomlin are, there are the originators and organizers of the Dillard GA BBQ Fest each year. And this will be their 13th year with the contest.

Earlier today, Jane and Steve Tomlin were participating on the Regis and Kelly show this morning with four other competitors for the best Pork sandwich in America. The winner will be determined by who gets the most votes. So please head over to the link below and cast a vote for Jane and Steve. And you must post your vote by 10AM, Sunday, June 14th.
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I thought you were leaving on your pilgrimage.

Yep, Jane and Steve have been the force behind one of the fine cookoffs in the country..

The cookoff spots book up a year in advance and the only way to get to judge it,is almost by birthright.

We'd appreciate any support, as they are fine folks and even better bbq cooks.
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