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I came across a little fan unit that sits over the exhaust of cooker and draws air up through bottom vent hole and out the top. The idea is to draw off the moisture when making jerky. Kind of like turning your smoker into a smoking dehydrator. This device is made by (dare I say it) Smokin'Tex.
Anyone use one of these?
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Larry -- I believe this little gadget has been mentioned down in the jerky forum. Might do a search there.

Personally, I use a ST and love to do jerky with the GLH method (see jerky forum). I see no need to purchase a fan of any kind when all I have to do is open the door once at the 2 1/2 - 3 hour mark. Cook another 45 minutes or so and jerky is perfect every time.

Now, if you feel like messing with a new toy, go for it! I'd rather save my nickles & dimes for the Therma-Pen I've been trying to justify buying! Big Grin

Good luck in whatever you do!
Morning Larry,

If you want to give this a try on the cheap you might try this.

Go to RA-Elco, 2780 S State. They're a great place to buy inexpensive electronic stuff.Buy a muffin fan of the proper size; Four or five inch should do the job.

Go to Home Depot and buy a piece of dryer vent or stove pipe.

Put the fan on top of the pipe. Put the pipe over the smoker vent. Plug the fan in and away you go.
Sounds like it would also pull the smoke out too fast. I like alot of smoke on my jerky. I reckon one could put alot of smoke on and then start the drying process. Could probably also be beneficial by allowing one to turn the heat down some. 160* would be great.

I just had a thought of using the gadget that 'airs up' the air mattresses and all that lake play stuff that will also suck the air out of the play stuff. I bet I could rig that rascal up to experiment with. It might be too powerful and only has 1 speed.

Good Day GLH.

Your and Bob's comments are very thoughtful.

I'm not sure the draft produced by the fairly gentle pull of a muffin fan through the small vent hole would bring in enough air to fire up the wood.

I'm going to try it just for kicks and I'll report back. Fire extinguisher at the ready.

But one could always just open the door. Wink

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