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I have mentioned JJ's Rub a few times on this forum and you are the first one to pick up on it! Wink

You have to whip it up yourself. It is not as complicated as it seems, and sure is a nice rub. I use it on ribs, butts and briskets, heck, just about everything, and add varying degrees of "heat" to it. My latest addition is a half teaspoon of piment d'esplette which is a hot pepper powder from the Basque region of Europe. This picks it up a notch or two! Here is a link to JJ's rub.

JJ's rub
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Most EGGERS swear by this rub.

The recipe makes up enough to fill a big shaker that I keep handy for rubbing my QUE.

I have a closet full of commercial rubs that I rarely use now since mixing up JJ's stuff. No msg or smoke powder in this one, and it is fun to whip it up and see such a nice result. Then, you can experiment with it like I do with extra heat or whatever. Wink This is real queing in my opinion.

Hope the Egg police wont come over and scramble my EGG now that I gave away their big secret! Roll Eyes !!!
Originally posted by PIGFAN:

Bobbyque, is jj rub a sweet rub if made as is. The ingredients calls for salt to taste. Any suggestions for amount of salt?

Pigfan- sorry for delay in reply to this.

I do not find JJ's rub sweet. Also, I use very little salt in the rub when I make it. I have a feeling this pulls moisture to the surface of what you are "rubbing", and want to avoid this reaction. I may put a teaspoon or less of salt in the mixture. Big Grin
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