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Since the forum spends a great amount of time discussing comp ribs and referring to them as John Trigg's technique,I thought this might be of historical interest.

Jumpin'Jim ,a long time Cookshack and FEC cook, dominated chicken contests for several years in the days before drbbq and some others started teaching classes to share their techniques.

After Jim graciously shared his technique with the cooking community,Bill and Barb Milroy[Texas Rib Rangers] decided to do the same.

To this day,most contests are dominated by some version of the Texas Rib Ranger technique for cooking spares.

Re: Tinfoil!!! (2/13/2001 12:15:03 AM by Texas Rib Rangers)

I've been cooking in compentions for 24 years and started using foil back then and still do.Jumpin Jim passed along one of his secrets so here comes mine. Smoke your ribs for 2-3 hours then wrap with foil. Before you put the ribs in the foil put some Brown Sugar & Honey on the foil put meat side down,then put some on the ribs then close the foil. Before closing completely put some Apple juice (about 2-3 oz.) and put back on cooker.After about an hour check Ribs if done pull them. About 30 min. before turn-in mix juice off rib with Texas Rib Rangers Spicy sauce and baste Ribs on grill to glaze them. Mix about 3 parts sauce to 1 part juice. Now you know the Rib Rangers story. Good Luck and Happy Q'n Bill

As Paul Harvey used to say on the radio,"and now you know the rest of the story".
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It is amazing that some of these fine cooks were willing to share their award winning techniques....and while we're on history, I believe it was Mike Scrutchfield that was the first to share publicly, when he told of his technique for award winning briskets.

Now, you can go pay some big name cooks hundreds of dollars to learn what was passed down for nothing, oh well! Times change, folks just don't want to do the cooking to learn, this must be the gotta know now world.

I didn't see Bill mention butter in his recipe, try it both ways, there is a difference.
Gosh,didn't know you were that old. Wink

Seems like you graciously loaned them ol' WSMs to Chicks In Charge, the first all women comp team in KCBS.

Of course, seems like we helped them cook to a walk on yardbirds at Dillard a few years back .

Seems like you been loanin' CS/FE products to top travelin' cooks around the nation.

Guess I forget how old you is.
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