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Jumpin' Jim,upon his retirement,shared the technique that made him a dominant poultry cook on the KCBS circuit for several years.<br /><br />An amazing number of contest cooks use an adaptation of this technique today.<br /><br />This was graciously shared ,by Jim,on Ray Basso's forum several years ago.<br /><br />Jim used Cookshacks,as well as others.<br /><br /> Jumpin Jim's Contest Chicken <br /><br />This is posted and linked to the Cookshack recipe forum.
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Thanks Tom for the post. I heard he had a great chicken method. I now have it printed out.
I got to meet Jumpin' Jim this summer as he coordinated the construction of our catering rig. He brought one of his many competion rigs over to the BarbeQlossal for us to use because our Kingfisher was burnt out and the FE wasn't due for another week.
He's a great resource. It didn't take us long to figure out how he got his handle.

Good Luck! Roger
Tom, That does sound good. I printed it, too. We have a lot to learn. I like thighs best for smoking, too, although I like the drumsticks an awful lot. There are so many nice people in bbq. Jack was in American Culinary Federation for years and it's amazing the difference. There are a few nice chefs who don't mind teaching and then there a lot who are very secretive of their techniques. I always thought they must not be very competent or else very unsure of themselves. I noticed a difference right away in bbq. The successful bbq people, whether in contests or restaurants, seem to want to pass their knowledge on. I really appreciate it.
I made these today. Four thighs & 3 bone in breasts. Marinated like it said overnite. 2.5 hrs later mine was at 175 and I pulled them all. Put them in the sauce and let them simmer for another hour. Flopped em on the grill to glaze them up some. They were good. Quite smoky even tho I used 1.5 oz of apple. I would try these again but leave off the bbq sauce, and cut back more on the smoke.

I just got off the phone with Jumpin Jim and he told me to Google his chicken recipe. Wouldn't you know the search brought me to the Cookshack forum! I have a slight problem though. The link to his recipe in the previous post doesn't open. Anyone got the recipe or a working link???? I'd like to try his chicken method sometime.
Our old friend Stogie did a bunch of work and shared with us,along with his MIM techniques.You can go to find and open up all forums and use the words Stogie and Jumpin Jim's chicken and get a bunch.

Here is just one I opened this morning.

Jumpin' Jim's Chicken.

These tend to tie in with what folks mistakenly refer to as John Trigg Ribs from watching tv.

Bob and Barb Milroy's 3-2-1 competition ribs.

Texas Rib Ranger's Competition Ribs

Don't mean to switch forums,but the recipes sometimes mingle while hunting them.
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