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Long story short and the details are not important.

My 42 y/o DAU is the "griller" in her family and her ancient gas grill died.
She and GrandSon were here a few weeks ago and she fell in love with my PG500.
But, she was intimidated with the whole pellet cooking thing and (frankly) was not prepared to spend that much money for a new grill.
I offered to buy her one and train her.
She accepted my offer a couple of days ago!!!!

Order placed with Karen at CS and it is due in OR in 2-3 weeks.

We will be doing a series of 15-20 minute phone calls where I will break down the whole pellet grill/smoker thing for her.
Those are "bite sized" pieces of knowledge that she can absorb and master as we go.
Gonna start her out simple on everything and work from there.

She is "stoked" and so am I! Smiler

Proud DAD of a fine Daughter/Wife/MOM

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Actually, I showed her that she can cook anything on the PG that she can cook in an oven or on a stovetop when she was here Roll Eyes

That was the primary reason she went home, thought about it, and accepted my offer.

As to LHT/HHT, I am going to talk her through raising the LHT to 15 (cause I like 15) and not even tell her what those settings are for.
Fact is, I may call CS Monday and see if they will set it to 15/100 if it has not shipped yet.
For the cooking she will be doing, those will work fine--no need to fuss with settings and make life complicated for her.

To me, the PG is the most versatile cooker I have ever seen and, if kept "Simple" is a super-dooper tool for even the casual cook who does not want to get into the advanced kind of things many of us do.


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