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Hello, I was just gifted a CS smoker and i am having trouble finding any info about it. 

 the back plate tells me its a 

Model# 30 H/S

Serial# 7899

110v 60 Cycle 1200w

It has dual elements - 2 black knobs on top to control thermostats

and 2 lighted rocker switches on top that I'm assuming light up when the elements are engaging.

It has no wood boxes or wood box housing, just the two elements sticking out at the bottom - was wondering if anyone else might have one of these? i want to fab a new wood box and housing but i have no photos to go off of.

I want refurbish all the componets if its worth it. or should i convert it to a more tech  savvy controller ?

Its in great shape - the exterior is painted black and the interior is stainless steel

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