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Here is a great chance for you central and south Fl folks to get out of the house on New Years.

Felda ,Fl is between Naples and Ft. Myers,a little ways off I-75.

This will be New Year's Eve and New Years's Day.

It will either be the last or the first of the year. Wink

January 1, 2005 5th Annual Wild Pig N Pepper Jam Felda, FL (KCBS)
(800)-664-2867 or e-mail: for information

This is a proclaimed state championship and could be a qualifier for the American Royal and Jack Daniels.

A bunch of the teams that you've seen on the Food channel and other bbq specials have entered.

This will also be a good chance to see the new Cookshack Fast Eddy pellet cookers that all the talk is about.

As usual,Friday is a great time to visit teams and look at equipment,as teams are setting up.

Some of the more distant teams will probably be there on Thurs.

Give me a shout if you need more info,or we'll see ya there.
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