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Looks like the FE's are doing well.

Congrats to the Dixie Chicks for Grand and Firehouse for Reserve. Great showing, wish we'd been there.

1 Bill and the Dixie Chick 661.7142
2 Fire House BBQ US 644.5706
3 Southern Brethren 629.1424
4 Bonesmokers 625.1422
5 Smokin Cracker BBQ Team 623.9994
6 Smoken Dudes BBQ 622.8572
7 Ole Sparky BBQ 622.2852
8 Big Johns Texas BBQ 622.2850
9 Smoken Butts 621.1424
10 Swamp Boys BBQ Team 618.2852
11 Too Hawg Nutz 618.2848
12 Rock N Roll BBQ 607.4278
13 B A BBQ 597.7138
14 Tropical BBQ 594.2856
15 The Boca Boys 586.2858
16 Crazy Eyed Wilbur 579.9998
17 Pork Tenders 569.1428
18 Pork O Holics 551.4278
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Man you guys are fast in here. Thanks for the congrats. No I could not find any lemonade there but they did have some great fish sandwiches. The pellet cookers made CookShack proud. Three of the top five were pellets. I have to say that this contest was in the top five that I have cooked at. First off $150 entry fee, Free seafood dinners on Thur and Fri with free beer. They paid and gave trophys for the top 10. We were cooking right on the ocean. But the best thing of all was that the awards were at 3:00. This made it great for the long drive home that night. We were real close to beating Bill and the dixie chick, but Bill came over on Fri night after a couple of cold ones and stole some secrets from me. That was after I tried to sabotoge Razzer . I mean fix his smoker for him. Bill you need to start drinking again so we can get some secrets back from you. Congrats on the win Bill and Nina, And also to Ray Lampe.

Russ you would have loved this one. All the people down there had those nice flower and loud shirt like to you wear. Cool

See you down the road,

Craig, just got off the phone with Tom. Congrats to ya'll.

Wasn't sure how you did, but when I saw the results, I had to post. You sure were nice helping Bill out, but he's helped you too.

Send me an email some time and let's talk.

I'll put this on my list next year for "if I want to drive 2000 miles and end one contest, where would I go" Big Grin
You loaf one week and cook the KCBS championship /qualifier at Plant City[1st exit from Tampa airport]the next week.

Gives Missus Smokin' a chance to pick out her winter home. Wink

Free ice,great gift packs,100% CBJ s,great free breakfast,free beer at night[even the imports],independent electric for each cooksite,someone to hold your hand for every problem,extensive one-on one for new teams,plenty of parking at your cooksite.

Great selection of resort style motels,moderate prices,almost in walking distance of the cooksite.

Definitely one of the best we have been pampered at.

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