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I entered a wing cook off competition here in Joplin MO -- Yesterday

I was the only smoked entry --everyone else fried. 20 lbs of wings in 5 hrs.

To my surprise...

I won 1st place in the individuals division!!!!

A number of people kept asking me questions about it and I couldn't help but tell them all about CS.

One guy said that he has a 009 and can't wait to go try some wings on his.

Gotta love good Q!
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Nope didn't brine them -- Actually just used a dry rub
The one thing that I did find interesting is that in doing 10 lbs at a time I had to put the pieces pretty close together (space) -- in doing that I set the temp at around 240* and just let it do its thing--
After the initial smoking -1st 90 min. they actually started to steam at the same time.

When they were done, they very juicy - all we did was brush them lightly with a BBQ sauce (homemade)on one side.

Perfect winning wings!

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