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Ribdog and I saw Elizabeth using these,several years ago,and they have become a real favorite for teams that like to toss out-rather than wash and carry along.

We stuck with the large commercial rolls of HD foil and plastic,instead.

Or,we just throw out the disposable Al pans.


Just a couple thoughts.
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We saw Eliabeth, years before.

They are only useful,if you use heavy ,keeper hotel pans.

We just buy the 15 and 30 packs and throw them. Big Grin

Tuffy took Rod and John's class,and having cooked next to him enough,I can pretty much make a real good guess.

You know Rod,so that puts you on the money. Wink

He just took Myron's class-for the pork info,and I'm sure he isn't using Myron's brisket.

You know the briskets he's using,and that makes his difference.

Tuffy's cater operation would be running 12-15 at a time,while he was cooking the comps.

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