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I just purchased a cold smoke baffle for my Smokette 008. I want to make lachsschinken with it and wanted to see if anyone here has a recipe for it or knows where I could find one.

It's German for "salmon ham" since it ends up looking and tasting like it. It is one of the best things I've ever had.

Thanks for any input.

Rick in CO
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Is the eye meat of the big loin of pork.
Cured in brine to each butcher's own brining recipe.
Duration is individual to each butcher.
Naturally smoked using a wood fire and smokehouse on the premises.
The art of smoking is practiced.
The look and feel of the product is part of the determination of readiness.
The smoking time varies according to the weather and the individual butcher.

This is all I could search out.

Sounds like you will have to experiment and report back.
I don't know how authentic this is, especially since it isn't smoked, but this is a recipe I came across in a cookbook I have from David Burke:

1 side salmon about 2 to 2-1/2 pounds, skin and bones removed
2 cups soy sauce
3/4 cup honey
6 Tbsp water
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 tsp freshly ground pepper

Place fish on a platter. Combine all other ingredients and spoon over fish. Cover and refrigerate. Marinate fish for 36 to 48 hours. Turn fish once in marinade. Remove salmon from marinade. Pat dry and cut into thin slices diagonally.
Well I'm searching too.

Found out the French equilavent is:

Filet de Saxe

Also the pork is encased in "bacon fat" to keep it moist.

Don't think it's Salmon.

It is the center cut of a certified boneless loin of pork, rolled in a layer of fat to assure tenderness, then cured and cold smoked.

You'll need to have a dry cure. Maybe get some of the Morton's TQ as possibility. Cure the pork loin (but you don't want to make Back Bacon/Canadian Bacon so you'll need to vary the spices.

You might also check the Hi Mountain website and see if any of their cures would work or ask at their forum. You might look for some of the sausage forums and ask them too.
You are right about that one, Smokin'! It is certainly not salmon!! Pork rules. :-)

It does have that velvelty texture just like it so the Germans named it to note the similarity. I know that if we could muster up a recipe it would be a big hit here to our fellow Q'ers.

I've seen that product you showed in the pic...just pretty darn expensive.

Didn't know the French equivalent so I thank you for that info. More information about this will bring about something we can all try I know.

Rick in CO
Rick201m - Thanks for bumping this up. I love this stuff and buy it from a German sausage shop near my house in Sarasota, known as Geier's Sausage.

I, like you, have never been able to find a recipe/method for making it.

I'm looking at the label now and the ingredients are listed as....

Sodium Nitrite
Sodium Erythorbate

Doesn't tell you much does it. I guess it's all in the method of preparation by the individual sausage maker, as mentioned upthread

I also just noticed the price for the first time - $12.09/lb. Must have been one of the items I bought on the day that they were having their free German beer sampling.
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This is the closest I've come try it and tell me what you think?
for 7-8 lbs pork loin.
1/2 cup table salt
1/3 cup sugar
2 tsp. cure #2
3 Tbs. black pepper
1 Tbs. garlic powder

Use fresh pork loins
divide marinade in half and rub half on loins . Put into freezer bags and let sit sealed in the fridge for 9 days . Drain any moisture.
Then after 9 days rub other half of marinade on to loins re seal in freezer bag and drain moisture when needed for another 9 days. Remove loins from bags and air dry for about 1 hour.
Cold smoke for 1 hour .
Then remove from smoker and hold at 80 degrees F for 12 hours.
Then holt it at around 60 degrees F and around 80% humidity for 17 more days.
Then I trim the outer removeing the salt brine and smear the lard to seal it and keep it's moisture.
Try it Its pritty darn close!
Rob 8700 - Thanks for the recipe. I'm definately going to try once I'm confident that I have a good handle on controlling the temps. and humidity.

You're right in that it is quite similar to prosciutto, which I've seen recommended in a few recipes as a replacement if lachssinkenis not available. A friend of mine also calls it "Pork Sushi".

Yep - there's a whole lot of different sausages out there that are lightly cooked/smoked or not at all. I've no doubt there are a fair number of people who eat and like these sausages are not aware of this. A sampling of some of these sausages can be found here.

Thanks again.
YOU'RE Welcome, DLS. That's why I thought I'd bring it up because I knew eventually someone else has got to be out there like us that love this stuff.

Rob, do you also inject while it's sitting in the freezer bag for those 18 days? Does it need to be injected to get the cure to the center quick enough?

Rob and DLS, how do you keep those temps and humidities so exact. I'm in semi-arid southern Colorado!

I'm also paying about 11-13/# for it here at a German deli. I'm addicted for sure!

Thanks for the guys ROCK!

Rick in CO
Well guys if you take the food safty course pork is to be heated to 160 for at least 20 sec. to be safe of any bacteria. And to be safe from trichina it should be frozen for 20+ days .

Thats why you us nitrates and salts to kill the bacteria's

Since this is a rub you don't inject the loins the nitrates penitrate and do the work. If it were a liquid brine then yes you would inject. I have a peameal or Canadian bacon recipy that you use a liquid brine and inject the loins with it.

Temps and humiditys are exact in recipies but humidities and temps can be done by ear so to speak.
As long as they're within 5 degrees or so your OK.
Your average basement runs around 65 - 70 degrees this time of year so that temp is alright.
Humidity is what kind or fruit celler you have. If it's a damp one like mine it runs around 80%-90% add a dehumidifier and down it goes.

I have a older Italian friend that makes the best salamis. He keep humidity up for his salamis while they are drying he hangs them over his sump pump hole in his basement.Sounds wierd but it works.

So don't be afraid to try things, recipies can be changed to worked for you to make a great product

Just ask people like what we are doing right now.
Hi guys

just fell on to a polish web site and found a different recipy

4.4 LBS. pork loin
4 TBS. salt
1 TSP sugar
2 TSP cure #1
1 Quart water

mix all ingredients together
use a needle inject the loins 3-4 %
(1/3 cup ) about 4-5 injections for 4.4 LBS.

Then place the loin in remaining mixture.
and put in fridge for 24-48 hours.

Take the loins out and let them dry for 6-8 hours.

Then smoke for 1-2 hours at 122-140 F or less
Then refridgerate

You also can completely cook them .
increase temp. to 185F for 10-20 min
lower to 167F and bake till internal reaches 154-158F then cool down.

I haven't tryed this one yet but I will soon.

Happy holidays

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