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A few months ago when briskets were on sale I bought two 14 pounders. Then I later decided to buy a 008 Smokette. Now I would like to try and smoke a brisket. I know that meat is not to touch the sides of the smoker. So, should I cut the brisket in 2 pieces? If I do so, should I still smoke it for 16 - 18 hours for the 14 pounds of meat in the smoker?
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I'm with Smokin'.

I'd look at the shape and see how I could angle it across the corners.

Try to tuck the point up under the back,so the whole thing has kinda an even thickness.

Don't worry too much about touching,it will shrink.

Try to do some trimming,if you think that will help.

My first choice would be to wad it in and cook it whole.

You could separate the point from the flat,start the point on the top rack-a couple hrs early,and then place the flat under it to baste.

The problem with cutting into two hunks,besides they don't come even,is the time to render and break down collagen is still there.

Think about taking a 1/4 inch slice of point and cooking it.

It would come to temp quickly,but maybe never render and tender.

Just a couple of thoughts.
I usually only cook the big briskets (I figure I might as well maximize the return for my effort) and try to line them up on the rack first, but inevitably you just have to push and cram to get it in there. I've tried a few times to tuck the point under but it's easier just to cram it in at an angle. At that point I'm usually disgusted with whoever called the smokette a "brisket cooker".

But after a while it shrinks a little and fits just fine. I usually open the door twice during brisket cooks: once to flip it and another time to foil it. And both times it fits back on the rack without a problem.

When it's done I'm praising my "brisket cooker".

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