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(I did a search and couldn't find anything on this.)

I bought a very large (17 lbs) boneless rib roast for Christmas dinner. It's to long (19"" to put into the smoker in one chunk. I'm going to have to halve it. With it being on two different shelves, will the lower meat cook faster than the top meat? I can probe both chunks of meat with separate thermometers.

As always...thanks!!
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The lower two shelves of my Amerique are always hotter than the top two so I rotate.

Over Thanksgiving I smoked a 14.5 lb boneless Ribeye with one chunck of Hickory at 250 for 2.5 hours, then 140 for another 2.5 hours until it hit 121 degrees, then I let it rest covered for more than an hour before slicing.

It was terrific with just a "Kiss" of smoke flavor which my guests really enjoyed. Ribeye and NY Strip Roasts seem to pick up a lot of smoke quickly so I went easy on the wood.

I plan on repeating my experiment next week for Christmas and will probably keep it at 250 for a little longer before taking it down to 140.

Have fun!

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