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Smokin' Okie's Brisket 101 is the best start

around IMO.

The Cookshack is designed as a brisket cooker and it will fall in line.

Do the search for brisket,at top of page and it should answer many more questions.


I suggest staying away from all the tricks,at first,and let the cooker do its job.

If there are still some questions,we'll be happy to tackle them.
I would guess that you didn't cook it long enough. I have been trying to pull my briskets at lower temps to see where the tough vs. tender threshold is at. Last batch was at 180 and definitely needed to be sliced thinly to be considered tender. I usually shoot for 188-192 but have started to develop a "feel" by poking and prodding to determine when each brisket is done. The tricky part about brisket as I have found is that each brisket is different. Also, Did you slice it across the grain?

just my .02
Yes it has, I had to get a new job where I can stay in my own bed for more than a couple'a days.

I like the fact that i dont have to think about the time on a long cook.

..... put it in the same time you want to eat it.

I also purchased a 24"x6' log burner and have gotten back to the cookoff scene....but my daughter still uses the cookshack for her "Famous Ribs".....I have to admit she puts out a mean rib for a 7 year old....scary

I smoked a brisket yesterday. About 11#, in at 2:00pm at 225* with red oak. Out at 2:00am this morning at 195* internal. Never opened door. Never foiled. Never basted. Nothing but Montreal steak seasoning before it went in. It was awesome. Keep trying, you'll get it.

Tasted quite good at 2:30am with a little slaw and some BBQ sauce, but the meat was juicy and very tender. Sure beats Denny's.

Disclaimer: No Jack Daniels was harmed during the production of this culinary masterpiece.

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