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Fred, I'm rooting for both you and Papa. Be very glad...I'm not cooking it! Tired of cooking solo -- no, worse than that -- just plum wore out.

Got me organizing backyard & kids Q for Smoke on the Water. I'll probably be meat inspector. Maybe y'all can give me some tips for brisket on the FE???

Gary, it was great to meet you at Dillard! I'm sure our paths will cross again.
Sure, we make oak pellets. All our pellets are blended, but oak is blended with oak! Why don't y'all come on down and visit sometime. Give you the grand tour. Load you up with pellets. Come at lunchtime and I'll feed you too (but let me know ahead of time so I can make enough).
We have been meaning to do just that. Between finishing up the new BBQ trailer and trying to keep the weeds beaten down around the house, we don't seem to have much other time.

Papa is trying to shake lose this SAT or SUN and come down to our place to talk bbq contest. He said he would probably know today. We would love to have your company and your expertise if you have time for a run to HS this weekend. Maybe he can teach us how to cook brisket on the FE.

In another thread you mentioned starting with one flavor and finishing with another. I like that idea. Have you ever tried blending flavors? When I cook pork on the OH for instance, I like to use oak, pecan, and cherry at the same time.
Maybe I can get up your way! Sunday afternoon would probably work very well for me. I'll know for sure by Friday. By then I might be feeling the itch to get back behind the wheel. Put close to 2000 miles in so far this month and will be heading to Kentucky next week! Be a nice afternoon visiting with y'all.

Pellets, yes, I'll start with one flavor for flavor and switch to oak to finish cooking. Oak doesn't have much flavor (IMO), burns clean with little ash. My favorite blend is 50/50 hickory/cherry with jerk chicken or pork.

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