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I did a butt about 2 month ago and had a fair sized chunk that I wrapped in plastic wrap and froze. I thawed it out and put in and nuked it slowly while still wrapped.
I then pulled it and put some of my BBQ sauce on it, it was better than before I think.
I tried Smokin's vinegar sauce and mustard sauce also but I guess they are aquired tastes.

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Works for me.

It's pretty easy to have leftovers with Butt (just not around here) and there's lots of creative ways to use it.

What I try to do with my leftover, is make 1lb freezer bags. I add some of the vinegar mop (not the mustard sauce) and let that soak in. Then I seal the vacuum seal bag.

When I need leftovers, like pork for my beans, I take out a 1lb bag, put it in hot water to reheat and BAM, there you have it.

Lots of Mexican recipes you can use and other ways.


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