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Howdy, all!

Spent another weekend tormenting the neighbors. Did 2 ~10# butts, and a 13# brisket.

Somewhere in between that, smoked/dried a bunch of jalapenos, serranos, and habs to make powders with, 4 chicken leg/thigh portions, and about 2# ea. almonds and pecans.

Anyway...I ended up with a good amount of fat left over from the brisket (well, not so much here, really) and the butts (a bunch). I went ahead and sealed the stuff into FS bags thinking that it would come in handy later on, like for chopping up for beans and such, or maybe rendering out and using it like bacon grease - it would make a helluva roux!

Anyone else doing this? And any recommended methods of rendering?

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I don't bother to save it,since I always seem to be creating more. Wink

The traditional method to render would be to put in a skillet and cook slightly below the smoking point maybe 275� to 300� till the grease is all rendered.

Throw out all the solid pieces and let stand till you can decant off the grease and leave the solids in the bottom of the pan.

If you had an immediate use for flavor ,you could just add chunks of the smoked fat and use it like fatback.

I'm lazy,so I just use a little bacon drippings and some Foodsaver pork or brisket. Cool
Killer stuff!

Used some leftover pork fat to make beans this weekend.

Threw the stuff in a pot and rendered, then removed the solids and set them aside. Tossed some chopped white onion, bell pepper, celery, and jalapeno in the fat until soft.

Mixed in a cup of CS BBQ Sauce, can of Bush's, can of chili beans, two cans of cannellini(?) and set on the top shelf of the 50 for a few hours.

When taken out, there was a black film on the top from the smoke, so a few stirs got it mixed in.

Fantastic stuff...

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