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Alright folks, here's the situation. Got a bunch of neighbors and their young kids coming over on Saturday. Figure there is no better time for some pork butt. As usual, better to err on the side of being done too early. I have visions of that impatient look from my wife. Somehow I don't think the response of "it's done when it's done" will necessarily get the same nod of approval from her that it does on this forum.

So let's say I'm done 4 - 6 hours early. Wrapping in foil/towels and throwing in a cooler is clearly an option. The other I have seen is dialing the rig down to 140 and just go into cruise mode. Any thoughts on just leaving it in there at the lower temperature and if I do that, do I still want to remove at some point and wrap in the aforementioned foil for an hour or so?

By the way, just got the Maverick remote thermometer delivered. This will be a nice step up from my previous thermometer that required opening the door. Will also use Smokin Okie's basting sauce this time around. As usual, really looking forward to it.
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last weekend we had pork butts that we held in peggys sm150 for vending. i liked that idea better than our steam table since i have never made anyone sick and dont intend to start now lol. my self i would just leave it wrapped until maybe 30 mins before serving and then pull it but that is just me. since you have a real nice thermometer you can hold it ok and be sure of temp

Sure you can drop the temp and hold it. As long as it's in one piece you'll be fine. If it's going to be more than about 3 hours and it's getting close to eating time, I'd take it out, wrap it and hold it. For me, holding too long can dry it out, but good thing the smokette holds high humidity.

Any more questions, just let us know.


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