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I've come across lots and lots of recipes for sauces, glazes, glues, etc. while surfin' Q and want to try many of them. Some of them call for hickory or mesquite liquid smoke.

First, is it possible to make my own?

Second, the local supermarket only carries hickory liquid smoke in tiny bottles. I've found it and mesquite online but haven't found a place with reasonable shipping costs. Can anyone recommend a supplier? I came across a great looking injection for brisket that calls for mesquite liquid smoke that I want to try soon so I ordered some (a case of 6 bottles I think) to get it here soon, but would like to find a place I can order from regularly.
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1. Smalls bottles are fine, if you insist on using the stuff you don't want to use much. Very strong and to me pretty nasty.

2. Sonny Bryans in Dallas has a very nice barbeque sauce. The base for the sauce is the drippings that come off the meat is it is smoked. I guess that’s sort of like homemade liquid smoke. I sometimes collect the drippings, skim the fat and add that to the sauce. That's not nasty.

3. Sonny’s isn’t much any more but before the man himself died it was a great place to get a beef sandwich.

Not knowing the source of the recipes,I can't say for sure,but many are intended for folks that are cooking in the oven,or a few quick mins on a grill surface over gas.

Liquid smoke would be the only way to try and get a little artificial flavor.

As Thumper says,it is easier to mess up a cooked product than enhance it.

I'm no expert on brisket,but seems like the long cook times would give appropriate levels of smoke flavor.

Injecting liquid smoke might be difficult to control.

Good luck.
You're doing a lot of research before you smoker gets there, so understand the anticipation.

My advice is this.

Skip the LS.

Use the smoker, see how it works and like Tom said, the LS is a crutch for people that don't use a smoker (like a lot of sauce companies).

Alton Brown did a deal for making your own LS. The Mesquite LS would be a stronger flavor.

Me? I don't like LS as I can taste it and it seems to leave a bit of an aftertaste?
Originally posted by pigskins:
the local supermarket only carries hickory liquid smoke in tiny bottles.

A few drops of that stuff go a long way. My Q sauce recipe calls for 3 tbsp of LS for a 3 gal batch...just enough to add a subtle whiff of smoke flavor to the sauce.

Again, go easy. I recently judged a KCBS event. One of the rib turn ins tasted overwhelmingly of LS. It scored a 4 and I was being very kind Smiler

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