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Smoked an 8.5 lb Butt this weekend. "Normal" smoke time for my 08 on a 6.5 to 7.5 is 10-12 hrs. This one took 18 hrs to get to 195. I had it dialed in at 225 and the box ranged from 225 to 240 during the smoke. Butt turned out perfect. I know this time range can happen but,
this posses a question. I am smoking 4 butts in April for my son's rehersal dinner. I planned on smoking all 4 at the same time (in my 08, the day before). I think they will fit. Am I wrong to try 4? Should I do 2 at a time and start a couple of days earlier. I am also doing 2 Turkey breasts but they don't take near as long and I can do them earlier and store them.
Thoughts anyone?
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For what its worth department.
All my pork butts in an 009 take around 18 hrs to 200 deg. I have done four at a time and the cook time is still around 18-20 hrs at 225 deg.
An 8 lb turkey breast takes me from 6.5 to 8 hrs and I pull at an internal of 170. I have found that Turkey breast stays the more moist if I cook at max temp of 250.
I don't foil anything.
Hope this helps

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