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I've done many packer cuts and they come out great. This weekend, I want to put the point back in and try some burnt ends. I was wondering how people like to do this? It seems some put it back in whole and others like to cube it up before back in. Any pro/cons to either method? Is the cubing method faster? Does the whole method yield less of the chewy meat.
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The easy answer will be yes and no, to varying parts of the question,at varying times.

If you have a couple-some folks will toss several points in a freezer bag,for those days they want a quick cook,try one each way.

Points may be even more different than flats. Eeker

How it looks/feels to you,will be the decider,and then your future method may be built around that.

I guess the easy method is toss the whole point back in,at the same temp you have been cooking.

I trim mine up pretty well,because we don't like to present/eat excess surface fat.

Cook it about three hours,or to about 210º+.

Take it out and look at,and cube some up.

If it needs more cooking,cube it up and add it to a 1/2 pan with a few holes punched in it.

Cook another 45 mins and look at it.

If it is close,you could toss it with a little sauce and put it back in for another 30-45 mins.

Don't overcarmelize sweet sauce.

Remember it is more loose than the flat,and easy to overseason.

Keep good notes, about how fatty it is to start with,and whether the fat is interspersed,or surface.

Let us know.

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