Just finished my first smoking adventure (2 PB's)on 025. This is without a doubt the best built appliance or piece of equipment I've purchased in the last 25 years. This country could sure use more companies like this.
P.S. fantastic forum too
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Agreed, these things are built like a tank. I think its my only peice of equipment I own that is still built in the USA. I purchased a GE washer and dryer about 1 1/2 ago. They asked if I wanted extended warranty and I declined as my last GE set lasted us 16 years. Wouldn't you know it 3 months after the 1 year warranty expired the dryer crapped out on me. You've gotta love American made companies like Cookshack that build quality and stand behind it. It may cost abit more but will pay for itself in the long run and not to mention the American Jobs provided. I think if everyone put a little more effort in buying American made we could start to dig ourselves out of this hole. Unfortanately with most electronics we just don't have the choice anymore.
I've owned my new home for 7 years now. GE Monogram appliances. Supposed to be their top line. I've had the repair guy out too often. The doorbell rings. I open it. He says, "Hi Jim." I say, "Hi Mike. How you doing?"

You know you've got issues when the repair guy calls you by your first name and vice versa. My neighbors, who haven't had the same problems with their GE's, even laugh about it.

Don't know the repair guy at Cookshack. Hope it stays that way.

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