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OK, so don't bust my chops for not owning a CS smoker. I own what I own, which is one of those Charbroil electric water smokers. I've turned out some very acceptable tender que (butt and ribs), but I can't seem to get much smoke. I've used chips and chunks, spread on the bottom around (even touching) the electric element. At the end of the day, most of it still sits there unchanged. If we're all smoking at 225 degrees, where's my smoke? Is there anything I can do differently with my chips? Wrap in perforated foil or in an aluminum pie pan atop the element? What about using wood pellets? Any help greatly appreciated.
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Before I saw the light and switched to a CS Smoker, I used a thing called a 'Redi-Smoke' which is a barrel type smoker, totally enclosed when the lid was on. The element was at the bottom and there was a metal 'tray' which just rested on top of the element. I used to use chunks and they always turned to charcoal or ash on a smoke of 5+ hours. Same thing as happens in a CS smoker for the most part.

Might be your solution.
Hey DW,

I had a brinkman electric and could never figure out how to get good smoke from it. Either it was too much white smoke(after a while I figured out the white smoke was adding a bitter flavor) or not enough to flavor the meat. I tried putting it on the element, foiling, on some of the rocks, in a cast iron smoking box. Maybe there is a forum for your smoker and they would have better suggestions. Like you, I could make some decent bbq from it. After doing a lot of research finally decided to save up some money and get a cookshack. Very happy I did.
Many folks pass thru here, over the years,with the Brinkman,or the electric brinkman.

Most have.

If we are willing to work hard enough,with enough constant aggravation,we can usually produce some acceptable product.

Most ,soon decide,that even though they have a small investment in their old cooker,it is work ,rather than pleasure,to produce a far more limited product.

Virtually all,decide it is money well spent,to utilize their true potential,and enjoy smoking ,to make the next step forward-and there are many options.

Just a couple of thoughts.
So, is the CS's secret that it initially concentrates heat in or under the smoke box, so the wood is hotter than the 225 degrees around the meat, and my Charbroil is too wide open at the bottom to get the chips hot? If I wrapped some chips in heavy foil with a small hole to let out smoke (I saw this on some website, but for hot coals), and laid it on top of the element, is that dangerous in any way?

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