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Works fine, except when set at 250F the hottest it gets according to my thermometer (which is accurate) is 234F (Outside temp is about 32F but I wouldn't think that matters).

I would like to be able to get up to 250 to speed up cooking sometimes.

I don't want to send the unit to the factory to be checked or calibrated, because I am in Canada and so the cost of shipping is high and there is the customs hassle to move it over the border.

Is the thermostat adjustable? Maybe a local appliance repair person could adjust it?

Thanks for any ideas.
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How long was the smoker on before you started recording temps?

Has the smoker been seasoned? Was the temperature dial all the way up or at the 250 mark of the decal? and last where was your temperature probe located within the smoker?

Of course Cookshack's customer service can give direct help as they would know the exact temps it should be producing and they answer the phone directly as I have used them for a question in the past.
I seasoned it per the instruction manual when I received it last November, and have used it several times since. So I think it is seasoned.

When I noticed it won't go past 234F, there was a 7.5 lb pork butt in the middle rack that had been cooking for several hours. The temp probe was on the middle rack near to the temperature bulb on the back wall of the smoker.

The dial was turned all the way couterclockwise as far as it would go, and was pointing at 250.

Thanks, and I will give customer service a ring too.

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