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I just started making sausage.
I boought a grinder attachment to go with my Kitchen Aid mixer (about $45.00) and an LEM 5 pound upright sausage stuffer. (about $170.00)
from Bass Pro Shop.

For my purposes- this combination is great.

I did a lot of reserch both on the forum and outside and many of the "experts" don't recommend a combination grinder/stuffer.

I haven't done a lot yet, about 30 pounds of ground meat, pork and beef- works quick- about 10 minutes for 10 pounds of meat. Stuffed about 20 pounds of sausage- getting the hang of it- took about 1 hour for 10 pounds of sausage- keep in mind I'm still a little slow.

Learning a lot - I've tried a couple of recipes for breakfast sausage and found they're kind of bland- copuld use more sage and pepper.

Still got a lot of practicing- so far- no dog food.

my 2cw.
OK, thanks, Think I will give that a try and the Lem stufffer you suggested. Also we have a local grocery Chain that carries a very good breakfast sausage mix. I know it is packaged by a national firm and a friend knows who it is. I will try to get you the name. I have eaten the sausage, very tasty, but may not be hot enough for your taste. If not, just add some cayene perrer to taste. Thanks again for the help

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