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I have a 50 set to arrive on Monday and was looking for ideas for different things to smoke than the usual, ribs, butt, brisket, etc. I have some pheasant, deer steaks, deer roast, and even some deer ribs in the freezer. I also have some pork chops and pork tenderloins that I usually put on the grill. Are any of these smoke worthy?
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Just some ideas:

cold smoke some fresh bacon. Makes it really smokey.

Baked beans - use some bark from the butts

Prime rib - excellent if done right

Other roasts - sirloin tip for example


Cold smoked cheese

Hams - really excellent - buy an already cooked ham and smoke it to about 120 or 130 degrees. Really tasty. And inexpensive.
Schnadz: general opinion around here is that leaner cuts of meat, like deer, don't benefit as much from the slow cook process as do the fattier pork roasts. However, I am sure that anything in your freezer wouldn't mind a little smoke flavor.
Smoked pork tenderloin is so tasty I have never figured out how to serve it. As soon as it leaves the smoker I am cutting and eating. My butcher keeps smoked pork chops in his display case during the summer. He smokes them to minimum doneness, refrigerates them, then tells folks to finish them on a hot grill,
Thanks for the responses,

I have a butt in the fridge waiting for the seasoning.

I was thinking of experimenting with the cold smoke baffle and cold smoking the pheasant and deer. I might even try that with the pork chops.

I was kind of nervous about the tenderloin since I usually use a rotisserie. The ham and bake beans are something that I hadn't thought of.
One of my first smokes I did a boneless leg of lamb because my wife is Greek and I'm very familiar with cooking these. I get mine from Costco because they aren't gamey and they are reasonably priced ($4/lb). I make a paste of olive oil, yogurt (full strength, none of that fat-free or lite junk), granulated onion (it doesn't cake up like onion powder does), mint, oregano, salt, pepper and minced garlic. You can also try a little red wine, rosemary, cayenne, lemon zest or pepper, brown sugar, etc). I spoon the paste into the crevice made by the deboning, and the remainder I rub over the outside and let it sit overnight.
I also did about 15 large baking potatoes: I microwaved them for about 10 minutes to soften them up and make them absorb the smoke better, rubbed them with olive oil, salt and pepper and smoked them for about 2 1/2 hours. If they aren't done, you can finish them off inside the house at a higher temp since taters aren't sensitive like muscle fibers and connective tissues are.

You might try a fatty goose or farm-raised duck. My brother-in-law suggested smoking a cheapo ham to give it the premium flavor, but personally I'm addicted to the Costco ham in the red and gold foil package, since its smokey-sweet-salty flavor is outrageous. You could also try some mass-produced sausages like Johnsonville brats. They even sell those at the store...for a much higher price!

Check out Mainely Dave's 2004-05 blog about his smoking experiments. He did scallops, shrimp, jalapeno peppers, hamburgers etc, and he will certainly expand your imagination.....

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