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There ain't nuthin' better than Meat 'n' Taters in my book.
I guess I've been watching too much BBQ Pit Boyz on YouTube lately. I got bored with the Olympics, cause they were 7 hours tape delayed. Heck, I already knew who won, so why watch it?
Anyway, back on topic. The Boyz were doing something called “Meat and Potato Grub”. Looked easy enough and quick. Plus, I was hungry, NOW.
The Video

I didn't have any cheese or bacon. I sold it all trying to clean the freezer out for my upcoming trip. So I just smoked a couple of burgers, about 1/2 pound each, and some red potatoes that I had on hand.
Dug the flesh out and mashed em with butter and SPG.
Quartered up the burger and mixed it in with the taters.
A little more S&P and it was chow time. I forgot the BBQ sauce until I was almost done eatin'.

Today I was freezer divin' and ran across some CSR's that I had cooked back in July. So I defrosted them, put some of my BBQ sauce on,wrapped em in foil and tossed em on the smoker.
Cooked em about 2 hours at 225F and took them off. Let cool so I could shred them. Meanwhile, I nuked up an Irish Potato. I split it and mashed up the insides with butter and S&P, tossed on the CSR's and a little more BBQ Sauce. Gotta have my veggies, so I added a couple of Polish Wedges to the plate.

I think I will try some brown gravy over it next time.
Thanks for lookin'. Sorry about the messy plate.
Original Post
I *LOVE* to watch BBQ Pit boys on You Tube!

I was renting in Florida the winter of 2011 prior to moving down in November 2001 and found myself with a hankering for spare ribs.

All I had was a charcoal grill to cook with, so I consulted BBQ Pit Boys and made us some ribs. They were pretty darn good...not as good as I can do in my SM025, but a heck of a lot better than any restaurant around.

BBQ Pit Boys makes fun and informative videos that work.

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