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Dumb question from a newbie member seriously considering purchasing a SM025.. That is, it says it comes with a meat temp probe. Just want to verify this probe ties into the outside display and shows said meat temp on the display so you don't have to open the door... correct?

Just want to make sure that when they say it comes with this.... they're not talking about a manual probe you have to open the door and test with by hand.

Silly question I know... Thanks!
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I had the same decision. Cookshack is the only way to go...better construction/quality, insulation (heat retention requires less electricity), and shelf size (can fit the ribs in without cutting the rack). Oh. And a chunk or two of wood (which you can buy anywhere) is cheaper than the Bradley's "hockey pucks" (only sold by Bradley or maybe their dealers). IMHO.

There are no dumb questions. Only dumb answers. Smiler Cool Big Grin
Shiner, take it from a long time Cookshack customer, who strayed off the "reservation" a few months ago and bought a competitors pellet fired smoker/grill. Cookshack manufactures the best BBQ equipment. PERIOD!

Add to that the best customer service and technical team in the business.

The 025 will provide you many years of enjoyment and top rate Q.
Shiner, I looked at Bradley 4 years ago and didn't even know Cookshack existed. I did a lot of research and it seemed that those using Bradley had to go through an added process at times of foiling, adding juice and baking to get meat tender. I wanted something you can have the product come out perfect without the added steps. I kept seeing Cookshack mentioned as the unit that did that.

I've now had the SMO25 for 4 years and use it weekly. Two of my friends just bought the SMO25. We're having fun with no regrets.
Shiner, I got a 09 around 2000 from Cabala’s and had many years of great Q from it before buying a 066 from Cabala’s. If they don’t have them on hand they at least have them in the catalog. I paid for both of my Cookshack smokers with Cabala’s points so my wife can’t complain about what I spend on my hobbies

If you added your location to your profile the chances are someone near you could show you their Cookshack and maybe even let you have a taste test

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