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I used Karen's Smoked Meatloaf recipe found on this site. I made a few adjustments by using ground beef & ground pork, 3 to 1 ratio. Crackers I used Ritz and I added an 8oz package of a mexican blend shredded cheese.

The bacon bomb recipe is from here;

I used Cookshack rib rub for the spice. I have also made one with a smear of green chili's in adobo sauce that really spiced it up. It's like a meatloaf as far as changing the recipe to suit.

WARNING; Once you do the meatloaf, there is no going back.
I would love to try me mum's meatloaf as a smoke, unfortunately I have no idea what the recipe is. Like a lot of Brit women she never wrote anything down, so when she died the recipe died as well.

Food for thought, write those recipes down folks.

Gotta try that though. Believe it or not Liptons cupasoup onion meatloaf recipe is great! That bacon bomb, man I'm gonna get fat on this forum.

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