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Want to do some Moinks this weekend....

Was thinking of using 3/4 lean beef and 1/4 Italian sausage....YES??...NO?? .. To spicey??

What size is a good size for the smoker?? golf ball??? I'm thinking smaller.

Also do the meatballs need to be browned in a pan before wrapping with bacon?

Whats a good temp to shoot for on smoker?? 275º??

From what I've found doing a search they should take 1 1/2 - 2 hours??

Thinking of using applewood.

Any other hints???????????? Thanks!!
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Originally posted by Trucky1008:
Maybe I'm just lazy but I've found that using premade frozen meatballs from Sam's works great.

Actually frozen meatballs are the ORIGINAL Moinks (for those asking, they are MOO (cow) and OINK (pink) from the beef meatballs and the pig bacon.

Can't say if the recipe will be spicey or not, it depends on your taste buds.
If you're "stuffing" them, then the size needs to change, to account for the change.

For regular MOINKS, I go for golfball size.

Oh, and then you have the complication of bacon size, is it thick or thin.

Too complicated. Make 'em, wrap 'em, cook 'em, eat 'em. However you do it will be fine.

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