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Co-worker gave me a 9.6 lb. serloin tip steak to smoke for him. Here is how I did it.
Covered liberly with beef rub,wrapped in foil overnight and then spiked with garlic slices.
Put 3 oz. hickory chunk in wood box-covered with a big chunk of garlic. Set temp. at 225 degrees and smoked 3 1/2 hours. Temp. of meat was 130 degrees. Cranked up c.s. to 250 and took to 140 degrees, which took another 20 minutes.
Took out meat and foiled and put in cooler-but before foiling we had to have a slice-one slice wasn't enough!!
Delivered in cooler just in time for they're supper-he has three kids and they love their meat.
Hey! I didn't inject this one and it was still delicious.
Will see how how they liked it tomorrow.

Better go- got 70 mph. winds 20 miles from us and some tornado's lurking around. Better shut things up..

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Well I don't know Andi, the little slice I tasted was pretty darn good.
Jimmy told me today the I had outdone myself. Said he would bring in a couple of slices tomorrow.
I read on a couple of prime rib posts somewhere {maybe it was Tom} that someone had put garlic on top of the wood chunk. Sounded good to me so I tried it-I could detect no bitterness.
Got some shrooms Andi-will try the smoked pecan and mushroom recepie you posted. Big Grin

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