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Supermarket guy said brisket is 6.95 a pound.
I bought a 8pounder at the meat market for 1.95
a pound.My wife bought one at costco for 2.18
per pound.Am I missing something on the 6.95
per pound thing???
The one I smoked from costco wasnt the greatest,
but Im new at this.Very dry,and seemed like
round steak or something.14 hours and still never
hit 180*(7.88lbs)Maybe I should have foiled it?
The one from meat market I pulled at 160*(8 lbs)
The first and last 3 inches of meat were good,
the middle 7 inches were awesome!!
Your comments please.....
kid coulson
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wholesale brisket is about $1.40/lb right now - but haven't checked in a few weeks. my last 12 briskets were purchased from Sams around July 4th for $1.25/lb (case price). Choice, packer cuts in cryo. SuperWalmarts also carry full, untrimmed as well... sometimes Select (which i've tried twice and don't like) and then sometimes Choice for the same price... and thats usually under $1.50/lb.
Its been a while since I priced CAB (certified angus beef) but it used to run $0.75/lb more.

Any supermarket I see is usually $3.99/lb or more.
Over the past year, I've seen Costco open the exact same cryovac package, trim it a bit, and mark it up $1/lb. Costco's prices are averaged across the year and Sam's varies each week.

You know the old addage "supermarkets work on very small margin and don't make a lot of money" - well thats not what I see when a meat dept. is marking up a 10lb brisket and making $25 on it.

Maybe there's something wrong with your thermometer, because 160 degree brisket shouldn't be that "awesome". But I'm glad you liked it... brisket is my favorite BBQ.


My take would be that it was at least a choice and it was a trimmed brisket flat. It should say on the package.

Suggest a quick read of brisket 101 (like at the top of the page -- Barbecue Guide). The terminology of brisket isn't difficult, but what the butchers cut and what they call it sometimes makes it confusing.

The cheaper stuff you bought you can make into good brisket. It was probably select grade, not choice, but when you're learning, you can even make select grade work.

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