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Two Pork Butts raw weight 9.5 pounds each.
Finished weight 6.5 pounds each.
6 oz hickory wood
Yellow mustard
Head Country rub
Temp 225
Cook time was not by the books it was done when its done.
From past cooks should have been internal temp of 195 in about 16 hours.
This time after 15 hours it was only 172 internail temp.
Turned smoker upto 250.
It took another 6 hours to get to internal temp of 195.


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Hi mcnkc,

After looking at my cook logs, the extra long cook times have been with smaller loads.
Smoker less than half full.
Has anyone else noticed that with smaller loads?

My first cookshack was an 008
Needed to go bigger so I got the Amerique.
Went even bigger and got a SM150.

Im going to do Jerky later today.
Two more butts and a brisket thawing out in my refrigerator.
Lots of smoked cheese.
My wife says we need a second refrigerator.
This smoking has become a serious habit.
Checking this fourm all time to see if anything new has posted.

Thank you to everyone on this fourm for all the help.
Thank you Cookshack for making such great products and excellent support Karen and Tony.

Brian E.
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Looks great!

My cooktimes in the 008 are close to yours it seems. With an 8 pound butt, it can go 20+ hours to 195* when cooking at 200-225*. I have never filled it full with butts so don't know about that. Usually only do 1 butt at a time.

Is the temp probe on the upper right in good?

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