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ok since peg let the cat out of the bag here it is. before i go any further though i would like to thank mike mills,maurice bessinger of maurice's piggy park and my farmers market buddy dennis the plant guy. he is a stone nut for mustard sauce and it is because of him that i did 4 tries before hitting on this.

1 ea. 32 ounce jar yellow mustard
1 c. dark brown sugar packed hard
2 ea. 6 ounce cans tomato paste
3/4 c. apple cider vinegar
1 c. apple juice
2 T. lime juice
2 1/2 T. lea and perrins
1 1/4 tsp. cayennne,ground
1 1/4 tsp. black pepper,fine grind
1 1/4 tsp. garlic,granulated


in a blender combine all ingredients except the mustard and blend until smooth and no granular feel is present.
add this to the yellow mustard which is in a large sauce pan.
heat just until it bubbles stir all the time.
water bath can 20 mins
yield is 8 half pint jars

if you would like to match cotton's bbq sauce in jacksonville (which is what peggy i think was shooting for) just add one more cup of apple juice.

curiously enough florida is not a beef area but we are having great brisket sales and it is certainly not a mustard sauce area but we are getting a large response to this sauce from our brisket customers.

use the recipe in good health and play around with it

it is peggy's christmas present to everyone but i am hiding my recipe book from here on out Razzer

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Jack,this sounds good. I am becoming a big fan of mustard sauces since I tried Smokin's mustard sauce. One question - is it supposed to have apple juice in the ingredients? Peggy mentioned apple juice and cider vinegar in her original post and you mention adding one More cup of juice to match cotton's bbq sauce.

Thanks for sharing so much helpful info in this forum.
i sure am embaressed and i really want to thank you as i sure as heck made one bad mistake. while i would like to chalk that up to being overly excited about getting my very own SM150 yesterday that sure ain't much of an excuse when it comes to recipes!!!!!

right after the 3/4 c. of cider vinegar add this line;
1 c. apple juice

if you want to almost match cotton bbq add 1 more cup of apple juice

again thanks for pointing out my mistake i sure do appreciate it and i sure do apologize.

i guess i got too excited!!!! i no longer have to ask peg for her permission to use her baby!! seasoned my very own sm150 in yesterday and boy is it sweet!!!! i can still remember last year when we 1st got our fec and sm looking down my nose at the thing. man did i learn a lesson Eeker

ps. triple checked it and if you just add that one line it is perfect
thanks smokin
as you know i am barely able to operate a computer so i really do thank you!!!!

my sm is the old probeless model just like peg's.
seasoned her last nite with wood chunks and after the starke contest i will mount the cookshack hood to it. sure was nice though when it filled the workshop up with smoke. peg left so now i know how to get some me time Wink
Damar12,check out for pirates gold barbecue sauce.Dave a member of the CS forum that goe's by beachpiratefla has a great mustard base barbecue sauce.Dave sent me a sample of his sauce.I loved the sauce so I ordered 6 more bottles just the other day.It is not a sweet sauce,has some bite (or wang) to can use it for a marinade or a cooking sauce,or a finishing sauce.very good stuff,you might want to try it.Hope this helps you find what you are looking for.

Originally posted by Richard B.:
[qb] Damar12,check out for pirates gold barbecue sauce.Dave a member of the CS forum that goe's by beachpiratefla has a great mustard base barbecue sauce.Dave sent me a sample of his sauce.I loved the sauce so I ordered 6 more bottles just the other day.It is not a sweet sauce,has some bite (or wang) to can use it for a marinade or a cooking sauce,or a finishing sauce.very good stuff,you might want to try it.Hope this helps you find what you are looking for.

Richard [/qb]
I'll second that. Waiting for Dave to bring out his red sauce.

sorry i was so late in responding. i sure am glad we could help you out doing your fund raiser. your posts seem to come at just the right time i need them (6 rig tires in 3 months due to nails and now a set of tires for the tow truck Confused ) but once again you picked me up!!!!!!!!
due me a favor and never tell dennis the plant guy (my flavor tester on this one) about this site. heck he will want his sandwiches for free Razzer !!!!!
seriously tho thanks guys for the kind words-they couldn't have come at a better time.
Jack: I made the mustard sauce from your recipe this weekend, even took my first dabble in mason jar canning to boot. It is a very good sauce, even my wife likes it, and she is no fan of mustard. I did find it to be a little milder than most mustard based bbq sauces that I have tried. Any suggestion for kicking up the heat? Would you just go stronger on the cayenne, or is there another ingredient that you would add to make it a little spicier? Thanks for the recipe.
you could go up with the cayenne. it would change your heat profile with very little change to your flavor profile.
one idea that i have been toying with is to add maybe one tablespoon of lime chipotle rub. it is made by A.C.Legg and i got a bag of it at the starke florida contest last december.
the other idea i was toying with was taking sweet orange habanero rub. that i would have to do outdoors since i would have to grind the same one tablespoon amount. don't know if you have ever ground dried habaneros before but if you haven't only do it outdoors and for gosh sakes never smell what you just ground. i learned that the hard way.
another way you could get your heat profile up would be to use one or two fresh red savina habanero peppers. this would change both the heat and the aroma profile since they smell so fruity when cut.
hope this gives you some idea on how to change it around and have fun doing it!!!!
glad you and your wife like the recipe and the canning can get into your blood!!!!
ps. if you do make some changes let me know what you did and how you liked it. i'll do the same when i get around to making my next batch in a couple of weeks
pps. here's a down and dirty way to add heat. get some tabasco habanero sauce or even better would be marie sharps or sontava (both we can get at wally world here) and just measure some into what you have already made to get an idea of how hot you want to go.
Thanks for the suggestions. My first thought was just to kick up the heat to bring it in line with other sauces that I have enjoyed, but taking it in the other direction sounds like more fun. I think an orange note would be great with this.
Either way, I am glad I stuck with the basic rule: never tinker with a recipe until you have made it as written.
thanks for the tip. now i know how to deal with the dummy waitress at work Wink
since it already has a citrus with lime my thinking was the orange should blend in ok.and since prime cut steak sauce has a real heavy citrus overtone i felt that it should still be ok with beef. the only thing i can't bring myself to do is sweeten it up since i just don't like really sweet things.
Originally posted by cadillac:
[qb] Jack - just another tip.. DONT ever take a sniff from the grinder of JUST ground horseradish! You know a person can pass out from doing that? Dropped me like a sack of potatoes! Smiler

Bob [/qb]
Don't ever try to peel off a piece and eat it while grinding. Much worse then sniffing it.
Added just a wee touch of a caribbean scotch bonnet sauce (it was yellow) to the mustard and used it as a marinade on a small chuck roast. Smoked it down and pulled it for sandwiches. By the time I mixed in some more mustard sauce to the beef I got a whiff of something that smelled somewhat Cuban, so I added a small amount of ham and some gouda to the sandwiches and baked them in foil for about half an hour.
Raves from the wife, and I always love a sandwich which involves more than twenty hours of prep time!
It is unfortunate that they dont use mustard sauces in Texas. When I lived in Jacksonville FLA, it was something that I always appreciated about their BBQ joints. Woody's was my favorite... mustard sauce and Brunswick Stew!
If you have ever been to Red Hot and Blue, you will notice that they have several sauces to choose from, makes for a pleasant experience. I know RH&B is now nationwide, that's why I made that comment. They are from Memphis I do believe....but still no mustard sauce. Hot sweet and regular. I like to mix them together.
I still have no desire to use vinegar, tried it once in feel that it ruined the Q.
Originally posted by tony76248:
[qb] Just Google will find some variation of this recipe.

1/2 c Water
3 oz Brown sugar
3 oz Worcestershire sauce
3 oz Yellow mustard
1/4 c Catsup
1/8 c Black pepper
1/8 c Red pepper flakes
3/4 qt Red wine vinegar
1/4 qt White wine
3 oz Salt
Razzer [/qb]
Just google what? I am not sure what we should be googling.

Hippie You had stated that you never heard of a vinegar sauce in Arkansas. I was just showing you that I did a google search on Arkansas, Vinegar and sauce and this is what came up. I would imagine that you being close to Memphis, see Memphis style BBQ sauces... But as my first post stated....I didn't like it...I didn't mean to go off topic from the original post. My apologies there. Sorry for confusing you too.

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