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Well now,that is Davies County,Ky and all the relatives are next door in Christian County.

Can't think there would be anywhere in those two counties,or the next one north at Madisonville/Hendersonville that I haven't tried in about 30 years of perusing.

Even slid up to the state line by Evansville to eat at Mac's.

My experience has been that the locals tend to eat the pork in that area.

Now there is the big combined church fair, that used to take up the street in Owensboro,and the tour buses from Evansville,Indianapolis, and Louisville that would flock in and sample the "local fare".

There is also a well advertised place, that the tourists have flocked to for years,that has an all you can eat bbq/ham buffet,and country sides.

The locals would be over at Shady Rest,George's,or Old Hickory eatin' pork. Wink

Well,I reckon it's just personal taste,but some of the finest pork in the country is served up in that neck o' the woods.

Matter of fact,Podge[Moonswiners Cook Team], from over by Taylorsville won the Jack Daniels this year.

I'd bet the boy never seen a sheep. Roll Eyes
A reqest from a chef wanting to know about Ky bbq/ mutton .

This response from Podge,who won the Jack this year.

Posted by Podge on December 10, 2007 at 09:05:28:
In Reply to: Kentucky BBQ posted by bbqChef on December 10, 2007 at 07:37:07:

I really wish people would realize WE BBQ a lot more things than just mutton ! One maybe two restaraunts in Kentucky BBQ's mutton, I don't think that should speak the definition of BBQ for the entire state.

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