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This might be a good time to check the FIND,at page top,why folks don't preheat.

The Brisket 101 and archives are a great source,before starting a first brisket.

That read will also give you ideas about types of brisket that might settle timing between 1 hr/lb to 2hr +/lb.

The holding tips, that might bring you to the table,when you desire, would be covered at length.

Make the cooker work for you. Wink
SmilerOkay, here's the story............

5:45pm: 10# Brisket in cold smoker set @ 250 w/ 2oz hickory & 2 Kingsford briquettes

10:30pm: Meat 179* CS 212* Turned CS down to 225*

5:50am:Meat 201* CS 235*

6:45am Meat 201* Removed & double wrapped in heavy duty aluminum foil put in kitchen oven at 200*

Total cooking time: 13hrs
Will put in cooler to take to family reunion about 1:00 today. Cool

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